Just one of my AirStone projects!

Our first project was rocking our backsplash... super easy!  We just finished our fireplace; it was more difficult and took three weekends to complete.  The hardest part was making all the cuts,  but using a table saw with a masonry blade helped a lot. We love this product and plan to start on our bar next.  I would 100% recommend.  — Wayne & Sheree

Color: Birch Bluff

Color: Birch Bluff

AirStone around arch

Here is the finished photo of the underside of our steps. We went with a flexible trim around the arch to avoid keystones. I template each stone around the arch and hand carved each piece for an almost perfect fit.  We had two curved walls but overall it was fun.  Took about 16 hours.  Thanks. Brian

PS: I ordered the “flex trim” through Flexible Millwork, you can find them online!


Color: Spring Creek

Color: Spring Creek

AirStone backsplash? Be sure to apply a sealer!

When using AirStone as a backsplash, or an outdoor kitchen, we do recommend applying a sealer. Like natural stone, it will absorb grease and food splatters without protection. Use a high-quality brand for concrete, masonry, or porous stone.  Follow the manufacturer's directions and reapply as instructed (in general, it's best to apply a THIN coat and let it dry thoroughly before applying another coat).  And thanks to Ed and Ann Marie for sharing their Autumn Mountain backsplash photos….nice job!



The perfect stone...

We love our new fireplace!  After lots of research and visiting several tile stores in the area, we found the perfect stone to put around our fireplace.  We are so pleased with the how well it turned out and can't wait to show our family and friends.  Thanks AirStone for making such a wonderful and user-friendly product!  -- Tammy


Color:  Spring Creek

Wasn’t sure, but…

After looking at all types of fireplace surround types my wife found airstone at our local Lowes store. I wasn’t sure about it but after reading as much information as I could find on it we decided to give it a try. It was extremely easy to install and cut, for cutting I used an old blade on my power miter saw . Everything worked out great as you can see from the pictures and only took me two days to accomplish. I recommended this product!  — Steve

Color: Spring Creek

Color: Spring Creek