The perfect stone...

We love our new fireplace!  After lots of research and visiting several tile stores in the area, we found the perfect stone to put around our fireplace.  We are so pleased with the how well it turned out and can't wait to show our family and friends.  Thanks AirStone for making such a wonderful and user-friendly product!  -- Tammy


Color:  Spring Creek

Wasn’t sure, but…

After looking at all types of fireplace surround types my wife found airstone at our local Lowes store. I wasn’t sure about it but after reading as much information as I could find on it we decided to give it a try. It was extremely easy to install and cut, for cutting I used an old blade on my power miter saw . Everything worked out great as you can see from the pictures and only took me two days to accomplish. I recommended this product!  — Steve

 Color: Spring Creek

Color: Spring Creek