AirStone is an ultra-light recycled material that provides the beauty, texture and durability of real stone without the need for professional installers or specialized tools.

All you need to adhere AirStone is a putty knife, a hacksaw and a tub of our pre-mixed adhesive. What once took days of messy construction can now be accomplished in just a few hours.

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What can you do with AirStone?


AirStone is available in three colors — what we call “collections” — that complement a wide variety of interior and exterior décors. Each collection is made up of stones of varying sizes and color tones. All have the texture, feel and durability of real stone  — but weigh 75% less.


— Autumn Mountain —

AM on web f.jpg

— Birch Bluff —


— Spring Creek —


AirStone goes up quickly and easily — even around corners and edges. All you need is a putty knife, a hacksaw and a tub of our premixed adhesive. Easy to apply and easy to cut, it can be installed directly onto most surfaces including drywall, concrete and brick.


AirStone is a product you can feel good about. AirStone is made from 70% recycled material — crushed wine bottles — via an environmentally-friendly ISO 9001 process. Even our boxes and packing are made from recycled corrugate and plastic.