AirStone is a simple-to-apply system of stones that look exactly like real stone but are much lighter, easier to cut, and easier to adhere to your wall. The system is made up of two basic types of pieces:

Texture Illustration.jpg

— Primary Wall Stone —

This is the basic wall component. Adhered with AirStone Adhesive (indoor) or Loctite® PL® Premium Polyurethane Construction Adhesive (outdoor) it covers flat wall surfaces. Each carton contains a total of 8 square feet.

Individual stones are 2" or 4" in height, and vary in length from 4" to 12". Stones average 3/4" in thickness, however since all stones are cast from real stone, the stones have peaks and valleys at various points.


— Corner/Finished End Stone —

When you encounter a corner or an edge, you need Corner/Finished End Stone pieces. Each carton contains an equal number of both rolled-edge stones along with their primary stone mates.   

Corner/Finished End Stones have two different applications. To create a corner, you can pair a rolled end piece with its mirror-imaged primary stone mate (the face contour will match). To create a finished-end, use the rolled end piece as the last stone of the row, and use its mate anywhere as a primary wall stone.  



The system is available in three different “collections” — colored assortments of stone that vary in size and hue and which together comprise a unified look. The three collections are:


— Birch Bluff —

A timeless neutral: whites with a compliment of beige and greys.


— Autumn Mountain —

Warm, rustic tones of cream, sable, and chocolate.

Spring Creek Texture.jpg

— Spring Creek —

A sophisticated blend featuring four different tones of grey.